Coaching – The Distinctions

Counseling primarily involves facilitating interventions and healing at the personal and relational levels. Very often attention is given to resolving issues from one’s past to support the capacity to experience meaningful life expression and satisfying relationships.

Coaching integrates with and/or picks up from counseling to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be with planning and action strategies that fit your individual style.

The Coaching Alliance

We form an alliance to enable you to move forward by clarifying and accomplishing personal, relational and professional goals – helping you to experience value and growth in the process.  Collaboration can often achieve optimal outcomes more rapidly than you would accomplish on your own, while also allowing you to experience more energy, balance and satisfaction.

This includes working together to develop:

Clarity: Discovering and shaping Your Vision for what is most important to you, which may also include discovering what is missing or what seems to be impeding you in reaching your destination.

Focus: Forming targeted Goals and a Strategic Plan designed to move you to your vision

Action: combining the abilities, strengths and answers within you with encouragement and accountability, tailored Strategies and Steps are put in place to empower the accomplishment of your desired goals.